Saturday, October 27, 2018

un deux trois

For this week's wardrobe remix I picked this most-perfect-item-for-fall-ever sweater. I've been wearing it a lot lately (including for pumpkin picking -- THE perfect place to wear it!) and I like it so much that I ordered it in dark green, too. I've always loved the idea of chunky sweaters but I don't usually like the way they look on me. The dropped shoulder seams usually create a weird bulge on my arms that makes me look bigger, but this one lays so nicely and I think it's actually flattering.

Can you guess which outfit is my favorite? I'll tell you at the bottom of the post! :)

Remixed item: Ginger sweater from Forever 21

Skirt: Lazy Oaf (old)
Shoes: Amazon

This is going to sound so cheesy but the model in the product listing had her sweater tucked in a little bit, and I thought it looked so cool that I decided to try it. And that's how I've been styling it almost every time I wear this sweater now! It's a thick sweater so I was surprised that it worked, but I love it! Also I just got these boots recently that said "mauve" on the listing but are actually closer to my skin tone in person, and I love the lengthening effect I get with them. That's unusual for an ankle boot, they usually make me look two feet tall, lol.

Remixed item: Ginger sweater from Forever 21

Jumper: Asos
Shoes: Bait Footwear
Necklace: Vintage

I'm just going to go ahead and say this is my least favorite of the three outfits, even though the concept is my favorite. I like the *idea* of a long necklace, tall boots, and a corduroy jumper but this dress just doesn't fit me well. I bought it about 12 pounds ago and it was big on me then, so now I'm swimming in it a little. I also need it hemmed a bit. I think if I get it tailored to fit me better I'd LOVE this outfit though! It feels very 70's-meets-cozy :)

Remixed item: Ginger sweater from Forever 21

Hat: Forever 21
Pants: old
Shoes: Aldo (old)

Pants?! Yes, pants! This one is actually my favorite. I love these pants with these shoes, and I'm very obsessed with this chenille beret because it lays nicely, unlike wool berets which always, without fail, look stupid on my head. This is an outfit I could definitely wear pretty much every day this fall and I'd be perfectly happy with that! :)