Thursday, October 11, 2018

cat and mouse

I have to have a medical test today that will determine if I have to have a very-very-very unwanted procedure next month so please keep your fingers crossed for me! I won't find out the results until next week so I'm sure I'm going to be a big bundle of anxiety for the next seven days.

Although I've been really good at coming up with ways to distract myself or reduce stress over the last couple months. With smaller things I try to tell myself that I won't even remember this setback in a month or a years time (which is so true about most things that stress us out!) and why not just get over it today instead of waiting a few weeks. And for the bigger stresses like medical bills, health issues, and politics, distraction is what gets me through it. Watching new tv (for some reason my mind wanders more when I rewatch old favorites), scary movies (hey, those people about to get murdered have it WAY worse than I do!) and playing with my cat. Literally nothing erases a frown like seeing Arrietty rolling around on the floor with a toy stuffed with catnip!