Monday, October 15, 2018

love spider

I can't believe that I actually have this dress in my possession. I originally ordered it from Unique Vintage about a month ago, and then a week later I got a refund with a note that they had sold out and were not planning on restocking. I complained about it to Sammi, who found the dress in my size on Poshmark! So I quickly ordered that one, and then the next day the seller e-mailed me to say that she had sold it on a different platform before I bought it, so they cancelled my order too. Ahhh! Then Sammi found ANOTHER one on Poshmark. I woke up every morning anticipating a cancellation email in my inbox, but after one week it finally shipped! I fully expected it to get lost in the mail, since it seemed like me and this dress were destined to be star-crossed, but, as you can see from these photos, it did indeed arrive! Hooray!

So why was this dress so important to me? Why did I need it so desperately? It has little heart shaped spiders all over it, and that is my family "mascot." When I was little my parents used to draw heart shaped spiders on notes to me, on my lunch bag for school, etc. It's called the love spider, and it is a symbol that we all love each other. (My parents' pet name for each other is "creep" in case you were wondering why anyone would choose a spider for their family mascot that should probably give you an idea of what we're like, haha!)

I'm just so thrilled that I managed to get my hands on one of these frocks. A HUGE thank you to Sammi for tracking this down for me! I told her she should start a clothing detective agency, she's so good at finding unicorn items!

The dress is mostly sold out at Unique Vintage, except in size XL here, and 4X here. And as of right now it's also available in 2X on Poshmark here and here.