Saturday, February 9, 2013


Last month stickygram sent me some magnets from my instagram photos, and they are pretty incredibly awesome (most of the photos I picked were pictures of my cats, though, so they may have had an unfair advantage in the awesome/cute department.)

I've been trying to do one photo a day on instagram -- not participating in any photo-a-day projects or going with any specific theme, just aiming for at least one picture each day if possible. I think I've only missed one day so far this year, but it was just a crappy day that I didn't really want to document anyway (I think those days should get a free pass with 365 projects, don't you?) Sometimes I just scroll through my photo history in the app and get lost in cute pictures of my cats and happy memories. It's nice to be able to have physical copies of those photos on display now! I have a couple of these on my fridge and a few on my message board near my computer. Right now when I glance up I see Hypatia, Chloe and Hubble peeking out from behind my monitor. I love it!

If you're on instagram too my username is kategabrielle! :)

magnets c/o stickygram