Thursday, February 21, 2013

happy (super belated) valentine's day

I'm a week overdue, but here is what I wore for Valentine's Day last week! My family and I went to see Aunt Annie (my 101 year old aunt!!) and brought her lots of chocolates and donuts. I swear her whole life she has lived off of junk food (and she actually used to drink vinegar, if you can believe it!) It makes me think twice about my own diet that consists mostly of fruits and veggies...

After seeing Aunt Annie, we went out for dinner near the beach. Earlier this month we went down the shore for the first time since Hurricane Sandy and it's just so incredibly sad to see all of our favorite places so ravaged. Ocean Grove (my favorite beach town in NJ) seems to have weathered the storm better than most places, but it's still heartbreaking to see the boardwalk ripped up and the setting of so many fond family memories completely destroyed.

dress - h&m | sweater - c/o romwe | shoes - asos | brooch - vintage