Monday, February 25, 2013

like new vintage

How pretty is the print on this dress?! It's the kind of design I would flip out over if I found it on a vintage dress on etsy, but it's actually brand new! I do love shopping for pre-owned frocks but it's so hit or miss with sizing. So often I find a dress I'm absolutely mad about, only to discover it's 2 sizes too small or 2 sizes too large. So it's always nice to find a brand spanking new item that's covered in this kind of retro print!

I love how it looks layered with a shirt underneath, but honestly I'm starting to get a little tired of layering right now. I had to run errands on Saturday and it was freezing cold with forceful, bone chilling winds and it was raining in that way that's kind of misty but also feels really hard and prickly when it hits your face. I don't handle the heat very well in the summer but my gosh what I wouldn't give to be lounging in my backyard with the sun on my face, and this dress being the only layer I need.

dress - c/o le bomb shop | blouse - forever 21 | shoes - modcloth