Wednesday, February 27, 2013

massive sweet and lovely update - part two

Part two of my massive sweet and lovely update is design work! I have some pre-made blogger templates available, as well as custom work like blog overhauls, blog headers, custom illustrations and custom paper dolls! I'll only be working on a limited number of projects at once so I have a low quantity in stock on each custom design item.

I stopped doing custom work about a year ago and have had some of emails about it since then, so I hope some of you guys are still out there and interested lol ;) I'm really excited about the custom paper dolls! I think they'd be perfect for marketing a little boutique or even maybe for a super customized bridesmaid invitation?

I have four pre-made blogger templates in the shop ready to go and I'm hoping to be adding more constantly! My idea is to make designs that look like you had custom work done, even though it's actually a template. I feel like so many prefab templates seem to lack little details that make a blog look special and I want to change that :)

Please note: coupons are not eligible on custom design work or blog templates.