Friday, February 8, 2013

friday favorites

I'd already be sold on these shorts if they were just high-waisted and mint colored, but the fact that they also have pink ice cream sundaes printed on them totally seals the deal! Cutest shorts ever!

This is so simple and absolutely brilliant! White chocolate + yellow m&m + pretzel sticks = bacon and egg candy!! GENIUS! And perfect for Ron Swanson fans. Even perfect-er for vegetarian Ron Swanson fans who don't eat real bacon (yup, we do exist!) You can grab the recipe here.

Speaking of awesome tv people... Barney Stinson. ♥  I'm pretty sure I need this hanging up in my room. I love the quote (although I think when Barney said it on the show it was betraying how sad he actually was, but that's a whole different me-over-analyzing-sitcoms story) and the embroidery and the fabric! It's on etsy here.

I am SUCH a sucker for novelty things, and this is no different. It's a purse that looks like a ladybug! Not quite as amazing as the unicorn shoes (which are now in my closet.. surprise, surprise) but still pretty darn cool!

I'm kind of in love with Kailey's workspace. Ever since I saw this on her blog I've been staring at my desk contemplating which necessary item should be replaced with a pink ice cream lamp. I'm thinking the printer can go.

I love this DIY valentine bunting from Now That's Pretty! I might whip up one of my own using these vintage valentines I scanned last year.

Marianne Faithfull as a doll. She's one of my favorite singers and a pretty awesome person -- there's a documentary about her life on Netflix and I highly recommend it. I loved her interviews in the film, she's just such a strong, spunky and super talented lady!

Isn't this beautiful? I found it on pinterest but it just links back to an endless stream of tumblr reblogs and I can't find the original source. I hate when that happens! If anyone knows who made it, please let me know so I can add a credit :)

Color Me Katie has a super cute tutorial on how to dye rainbow flowers! If you haven't visited her blog before and have some time on your hands, just go through her entire archives. It's a guaranteed smile-maker and for anyone who loves color as much as I do, a feast for the eyes!

I wish that all elementary schools all had this hanging up in their classrooms.

My parents always taught me to say "thank you" if anyone called me weird (the fact that they felt the need to give me this advice must have meant that they knew what I was in for in school?) and I did.  I distinctly remember during one recess in 5th grade, this girl Andrea came up to me and just said "You're weird." I was so excited and said "Thank you!!" with a huge grin on my face. She gave me a strange look and then walked away -- probably even more secure in her belief that I was weird. To this day though I still see it as a compliment. I'm very happy with who I am (and who I was in 5th grade) and it's mostly because I was taught that being weird is kind of awesome.