Wednesday, June 6, 2012

wishlist wednesday

I know I usually post clothing and accessories for wishlist wednesday but pretty frocks aren't my only weakness -- I am a huge office supply nerd. If someone was trying to impress me, they'd get a lot farther with a pack of sharpies or .07 lead mechanical pencils than they would with silver and gold!

My latest office obsession is le pens. I've had a purple one for years, but I only started using it frequently the last few months and I'm so hooked. They're like fine-point sharpies except they don't smell and the color assortment is beau-tee-ful!! I stocked up on a few at the art supply store this week but they didn't have even close to the selection that amazon has. This complete set of all 18 colors just went straight to the top of my wishlist!