Monday, June 4, 2012

a little bird told me...

dress - c/o modcloth
dotted stockings - target
shoes - urbanog

Last week I had SO much to do my head was spinning, but I actually got (mostly) caught up and got to spend the whole weekend (mostly) goofing off. It was magnificent!

I finally had some time to do a little sewing... my mending pile was getting pretty huge! I usually have to shorten my dress straps by a couple inches (including this one... 2" came off) so they don't fall off my shoulders. I also usually hem anything longer than 36", although lately I've been testing out wearing some longer lengths. But I still think I look like I'm playing dress up with my mom's clothes if the hem is closer to my ankle than my knee ;D

ps. The bird print on this dress is beyond adorable... they look like little animated birds from a Disney animation! You can view them closer here.