Wednesday, June 13, 2012

brooch the subject

jumper - modcloth
shirt - c/o romwe
brooch - my etsy shop
shoes - c/o bait
belt - asos

I am on SUCH a brooch kick. It's bizarre... I've never been a huge fan of jewelry at all but lately I just can't get enough (or in this case, make enough) pins. I made these a couple months back for my shop, and then kind of forgot about them until I sold one a few weeks ago. Since my brooch phase was in its infancy at the time, I decided to make one as a keeper, too.

I guess I like that they're a way to spiffy up an outfit without getting in my way. It's the same reason I've never been a fan of wearing my hair down.. it just gets in the way of me doing things, having to constantly brush it out of my face. Bracelets jingle jangle, necklaces swing around and bonk my cats on the head... but brooches just subtly sit there, enhancing your ensemble without any fuss.