Tuesday, June 12, 2012


dress - modcloth
sunglasses - fred flare

Saturday night I surprised my family with a mini trip to the beach. We've had a stressful year so far, and I think some time near the ocean was definitely what we needed! It was SO relaxing, and the weather was perfect. When I was younger I never really cared for the shore, but I think it's because we always went in the afternoon when the sun was scorching and the air was really thick. On Saturday we didn't even leave the house until around 5pm, and by the time we arrived it had cooled down and the sun was starting to say goodbye for the day. The sky was a mix of pastel blues and pinks, and the ocean was calm and quiet. It was perfection.

I'm thinking of making it a weekend tradition. It's only Tuesday and I'm already aching to go back at the end of the week...