Monday, June 25, 2012

drum roll..

Today is the grand opening of Kitschy Digitals! It's a brand new marketplace where you can buy all kinds of digital wares like embroidery patterns, scrapbooking materials, fonts, blog embellishments and more. I am so incredibly excited to have my designs available for sale in this new digital wonderland, and just to be a part of something so cool! The best part is that the items are available for immediate download -- just pay and you're all set! Or don't pay... there are LOTS of freebies on the site too!! I have two freebies in my shopfront, right here! :)

Oh, and as if the freebies, immediate downloads and general digital awesomeness aren't already enough, there's also a sitewide 15% off sale going on to celebrate the grand opening! Use code "GrandOpening15" at checkout!

And if you have a minute, please hop over to Danielle Thompson's blog! This website was her brainchild, and she deserves heaps and heaps of congratulations, compliments, and virtual confetti (and cake!) for all of her hard work!