Wednesday, November 2, 2011

oh hello there

dress - modcloth
tights - we love colors
belt - from another dress
shoes - from my grandmom

Look who decided to show up in one of my photos! Miss Chloe! Hypatia practically lives in my bedroom, so when she photo-bombs one of my pictures it's old news... but CHLOE! She's the elusive cat in our household. She hides under beds and tables or in boxes... even behind the toilet (Pleasant, right?) She's very aloof and doesn't really like attention, so when she decides to grace us with her presence, it's like Christmas!

ps. That belt is from a vintage dress I just got in the mail... I'm so in love with it (the dress, not the belt.. although that's lovely too!) I'm going to wear it tomorrow, and just do Posh Frock Thursday before I leave for Disney, lol! :D