Tuesday, November 22, 2011

my last day of pink

coat - modcloth
faux fur collar - h&m
tights - we love colors
dress - modcloth
shoes - c/o blowfish

I wore this last Monday for a day-trip to Princeton with my family. It's an annual birthday tradition... we eat lunch at Panera (I am OBSESSED with their tomato soup right now) then me and Kyle go to Princeton Record Exchange and sit on the floor sifting through the $1 records for a couple hours. This year we added a trip to the library to check out the discount book sale, where I got a side-eye from the cashier thanks to my lovely selection of books about plagues, the philosophy of death, and the end of the universe. Real light, happy fare ;)

Then me and my mom ran in a consignment shop. I guess it's typical of me that amongst all the expensive name brand stuff the only thing that struck my fancy was a blazer from Old Navy, haha! It's black velvet with a big bow-tie at the waist. It wasn't even my size but somehow it fit, so I snagged it! :D

After that we went to Olive Garden for dinner. I tried the bruschetta for the first time and OH MY GOODNESS it's amazing! I think I might have eaten the whole appetizer without sharing. In addition to two helpings of salad, some breadsticks, pasta and dessert. Yup. A lot of people knock Olive Garden, but I love it. It's definitely better than a stale peanut butter sandwich at home, that's all I know ;)