Friday, November 11, 2011

DIY: cat skirt

Remember this post, in which I bemoaned the fact that even the largest vivetta cat skirt couldn't fit over my gigantic hips? Well, problem solved! I decided to fashion one of my own black skirts (about $5 on clearance at old navy last year!) into a cat skirt of my own! I can't wait to make Casey's cat clutch and wear them together!! :D

You'll need: a black skirt, black felt, two white buttons, one pink button and white embroidery thread

I'm not going to give measurements for the cat ears because they should really be unique to each girl. When I tried on the vivetta skirt (although I was unable to zipper it lol) I found that the cat ears were too high, and interfered with the girls. So for this skirt, I decided to put on the skirt and then measure from the waistband what would be a comfortable height for the ears. Mine ended up being 2" above the waist but obviously if you're blessed with a flatter chest you can make much more obvious ears ;)

1. Once you've found your measurement for the ears, cut out four identical triangles. Stitch two together, then repeat. Because they're felt, the edges won't fray but by joining two together they'll also be stiff enough to stand up on their own. 2. Attach the ears to the skirt. I sewed mine at the bottom, then added a small stitch to the tops of the ears to hold them in place. 3. Measure where you want the buttons to go, and attach them with the white embroidery thread. And that's it! =^..^=

ps. Once I finished I realized I should have done something to make the ears stand out more from the skirt. I did a little white outline in pencil (to eventually be replaced by embroidery) but I'd recommend sewing a piece of white felt onto the triangles before attaching them to the skirt :)