Monday, June 4, 2018

I scream, you scream

Like basically everyone who has an instagram account, I love taking pictures with ice cream cones in the summer. I do not like that they're melty, and that I need to find an ice cream shop that matches my ~aesthetic~ in order to get a perfect photo. So I just bought a fake ice cream cone. I KNOW IT IS SUPER EXTRA. But look how cute it looks with this sweater!

Plus fake food makes for great knick-knacks. I have this on display on a shelf when I'm not pretending to eat it for social media, lol. I got it from this display food site, and I'm so tempted to get their fake sushi and a giant fake cake even though I have literally no actual use for them. I think I just miss play food. I had some really cool play food when I was little. My favorites were always the ones with "real" restaurant items like Pizza Hut personal pan pizzas or Dunkin Donuts donuts (they looked SO lifelike!) I went to a toy store recently and the selection was kind of pathetic compared to the 90's, which I'm guessing must have been the hey day for plastic food? Now it's all miniaturized and so unrealistic. If I was a parent I think I'd just buy my kids restaurant display food instead, lol!