Monday, August 19, 2013

the last hurrah

The Last Hurrah is two things -- the name of one of my favorite movies (it's really good, you can check it out here!) and Modcloth's annual end-of-summer blow out sale. Obviously this post is about the latter.

I think I mentioned this the last time they had a sale (which I *thought* was their major sale for the summer and was happily mistaken) but I'm currently on a spending freeze with Nicole. I've been doing really good about it so far. I think in order to make a dent in my savings I probably need to limit the amount of take-out I order in addition to dresses (my god I buy a lot of pizza) but on the clothing front I've been doing very well. I am letting myself get one dress, though, since I have a really exciting etsy milestone coming up next week and I think a celebratory dress is in order! :)

If you buy anything let me know in the comments so I can live vicariously ;)