Sunday, August 25, 2013

the 4th annual $1 print sale

It's hard to believe this sale is in it's 4th year already. Yikes! That also means Flapper Doodle is turning 5 next May! I don't usually celebrate my shop anniversary but that one might call for some cake or cupcakes, at least :)

Anyway! Here's the deal -- every single print is ONE dollar. Buy 1 or 100, they're still one dollar each. Perfect for tackling your Christmas lists a little early or maybe just getting some inexpensive art for your bare walls! Or buy 50 of them and make a DIY flapper doodle headboard. The possibilities are endless.

The prints are available in my new Flapper Dollar shop, which will remain open until the sale ends on Tuesday the 27th. It'll reopen again next year when the sale rolls back into town! I listed all of the Flapper Doodle prints I have available at the moment as well as some that are currently discontinued and won't be available again until the next dollar sale. The shop also includes this special listing, which can be used to purchase a print of any drawing or painting I've ever posted online, like my puns intended paintings or my sweet and lovely art.

If you're interested you can take a peek at the shop HERE! :)

I'll start printing and packing orders after the sale is over, so most orders will ship the first week in September. This offer only applies in the Flapper Dollar shop. Items in my etsy store will remain at regular price. This offer cannot be applied retroactively to orders that were already placed.