Saturday, August 3, 2013

room tour part 4: my closet

Almost done! I have a couple photos that didn't really fit into any of the 4 themes I picked so I'll throw those up tomorrow, and then the room tour shall finally come to a close :)

I'm a little excited about finally posting the closet pictures though! I am SO happy with how the room turned out. Unlike my bedroom which has kind of evolved into what it looks like over the course of a few years, I planned my closet out before I started. Since I converted my bedroom closet into my office (see: room tour part 1) I didn't have anywhere to put my clothes. I was storing them on a shower curtain rod in my bathtub for a while (I have a separate shower and don't use the tub) but no matter how clean your bathroom is, it's just not fun to keep your clothes in there. Right? Just me?

Anyway, I ended up sectioning off a little room downstairs for my clothes. I have no idea why, but I decided to theme it like a mid-century beauty parlor. I neglected to take pictures but I even have vintage hair style magazines on my bench like it's a waiting room. I always go a little overboard when I get an idea in my head lol ;D

I keep my hats (and flamingo sunglasses, of course) piled up on a lamp that I never turn on because it's being used for hat storage now. The girl with the yellow bow was a recent etsy find. I saw a similar vase at an antique store in Alexandria, VA a couple months ago and I've been skimming etsy listings for its twin ever since.

Hi there brooch collection! I've found quite a few new-to-me enamel floral brooches at flea markets this year. They're always so pricey on etsy but tend to be like $1-2 at the flea market. yay!

I may have taken this picture just to get a shot of my cat-pocket-coat in here somewhere ;) I keep all of my pajamas rolled up in the shoe storage shelf, and keep my luggage on top. Also look at all of the pretty lady ties! I love Flapper Girl :)

My favorite BAIT Footwear shoes!  Also in the mirror you can kind of make out my really pretty scalloped mint rug! Somehow I didn't get a single shot of it in any other photo. It's just SO pretty though! You can see the whole thing on UO here.

A few of my favorite dresses on silly hangers :) I saw the mod one on Danielle's blog a long time ago and proceeded to stalk etsy and ebay for something similar ever since. It's so fun isn't it? The cat hanger is from urban outfitters (they also have a lot of other cool ones like dogs, foxes and skeletons, too)

Aside from my cats, I'd say these are probably the cutest things in my home! They're vintage Avon bottles from their Small World collection. If you search for "avon small world" on etsy or ebay there are usually a few bottles (and sometimes complete sets) available. The display is temporary (it's a cabinet divider from Ikea) until I can come up with something to showcase them a little better. I just love them so much!

This is my favorite of the 60's hair photos! I scanned a bunch of them last year and uploaded them here if anyone wants to download some :)

My dresser is from -- wait for it -- Ikea. Of course. I painted the frame mint green to match the room. I've had the pink heels since I was little. When my dad's mom passed away my parents gave them to me along with some of her jewelry. I used to stuff tissues in the front and walk around in them with the necklaces on. I'm so glad they withstood my childhood antics because they're one of my most prized possessions now.

I kind of like sunglasses. A lot. And belts.
ps. mint green heart shaped sunglasses. I just about DIED when I found them.

In my house we actually refer to this as "Chloe's room" because she has literally lived in here since it was completed. She even gives me this look like "um, excuse me.. this is MY room!" whenever I step inside. But of course, she was nowhere to be found when I took these pictures. She's such an elusive cat.

Hubble, however, always eager to be the center of attention, hung around the whole time and promptly posed for this picture. But even without the lure of a camera, an open drawer in my closet is like a Hubble magnet!