Thursday, August 29, 2013

merci beaucoup!

When I got my first etsy order of the day today I was a little more excited than usual. Because that means I've officially gone 2 years with at least one sale per day!! Pretty exciting! I wore this sweater in an outfit post when I blogged about my one-year-streak in 2012 (looking at those pictures is making me miss my pink hair something awful! ahh!) so I thought it would be fitting to wear it again today! I'm really so thankful for every order I get, and I never cease to be amazed when somebody wants to buy something that I made!

My sales this year have been averaging about 30% less than last year, so I really didn't think I'd keep this streak going for two years. I'm positive it isn't going to last for three.. I don't even think I'm going to keep track anymore after this. I'm totally cool with it, though. I'm in the process of figuring out a new career (elementary school art teacher, if you missed that post) so I'm not going crazy. I'm just happy and grateful that I've had this much good luck so far and that even with a 30% decline in sales I'm still managing to stay afloat and wrangle up at least 1 order a day :)

If you ever purchased anything from my shop or have supported Flapper Doodle in any way, from the bottom of my heart -- thank you so much!! :)

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