Friday, August 9, 2013

friday favorites

I sent Danielle a painting and she took a picture with it in the same outfit!! :D

I'm going to Disney World again next month so naturally that means shopping for the perfect Disney attire ;) I think these polka dotted pretties from Ever + Mi Crush would be so fitting for the happiest place on earth. ps. They're having a huge sale at the moment! You can check it out here :)

These works of art created with food are amazing! There's a bunch if you click through! Found via Jena Ardell

This etsy seller created a scale model version of The Golden Girls set!!
Holy cheesecake, batman!! :D

I recently learned that there is an annual Hemingway lookalike contest and it's my new favorite thing ever. (that's the real one in the picture, you can click here to see the lookalikes!)

I am so in love with this dress!! It reminds me of one of my all time favorites (this one!)

I bookmarked this a few weeks ago for a future friday favorites post (that I obviously didn't get around to until today) and since then I think I've seen it on at least 10 different websites, but I still wanted to share in case someone hasn't seen it yet. This artwork was created by a 97 year old man in Windows 95 MS Paint. Seriously.

Not only did Solanah create a Supernatural themed novelty print fabric, but she made it into one of the coolest dresses ever AND did a Supernatural themed photo shoot in said dress. (!!!!!)

Miss Alison-Claire recently re-launched her vintage etsy shop as Wolf Mama Vintage and there is retro awesomeness abound. I'm dying over this sweet little gingham top! Look at the collar! And you can take 30% off with code WOLFMAMA. yay!

First of all, I love this print by Katie Daisy. I thought it would be the perfect image to accompany this NY Times article. Author George Saunders gave the convocation speech at Syracuse University this year and focused --sweetly, humorously, and eloquently-- on the importance of being kind. If you have a moment definitely give it a read.

Finally, how amazing is this video? They pieced together satellite images of Earth taken over the last three decades to show how the surface of the planet has changed over time. It's awe-inspiring that we have this kind of technology and can see the evolution of our home on this kind of scale... but, to me at least, it's also sad to see how much open space disappears in the time-lapse. My own hometown was mostly farmland when I was born, and now it's almost completely developed. Even my own house was built on land that, until 1992, was a fully functioning farm. But I think that being able to get this kind of perspective affords us a luxury that previous generations didn't have. We can see what we're doing to the planet, so we can change it.