Friday, April 12, 2019

six seasons

Every once in a while I randomly pick a month in my blog archive and re-read some of my old posts. I've said this so many times, but my blog is kind of like a diary to me and there are so many memories that I've shared here that I haven't written down anywhere else. Tonight I clicked on May 2013 and realized that was when I went to The Office convention in Scranton (six years ago?? REALLY?) Reading this post was the most wonderful stroll down memory lane. I had forgotten some of the details, like Rainn Wilson giving Dwight's speech on stage or how surprised Greg Daniels was when I asked for a photo with him. I'm constantly in the middle of rewatching The Office, but reading my post and reliving that amazing weekend just makes me want to go back to episode 1 and start all over again for the thousandth time!

sweater - amazon | skirt - modcloth
shoes - bait footwear | shirt - sammi's closet sale