Thursday, April 4, 2019

be kind, rewind

My old VCR bit the dust (a thrift store copy of E.T. is what finally did it in) and OH MY GOSH are VCRs expensive now. Do you remember when you could buy one at K-Mart for like $20?! (Am I really dating myself here??) I wish I had stocked up when they were that cheap, because their scarcity has made them insanely pricey now. I've been checking Amazon and Ebay every so often trying to find an affordable replacement, and last week I finally found somebody selling a 13" TV/VCR combo for a steal. Every other listing on ebay was *at least* 5x the price of the one I managed to snag so I feel incredibly lucky! It arrived in the mail yesterday and I christened it with a tape of Barbara Stanwyck movies that I recorded off TCM when I was a teenager. It's such a relief that I can still watch all of my tapes now, including all of our old home movies! My dad found one from our 1995 trip to Disney World and Nickelodeon Studios that I can't wait to watch!

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