Monday, April 8, 2019

I scream, you scream

This weekend me and my dad went out for our first ice cream of the season (or sorbet, in my case) and it was just so nice! I love that every year there's always that one day, usually a week or two after the official start of spring, when it actually *feels* like spring for the first time. Like magic the weather changes overnight. You needed a winter coat to go out the day before, but today a light sweater or jacket would almost be too much. All of the trees were barren when you fell asleep, but suddenly there are pink buds everywhere you turn. People are coming out of their houses and walking around the town like bears coming out of hibernation. The fountain on the Princeton campus was turned on, and the line for ice cream was at least 25 people long.

I know that as soon as I see my first thousand-legger crawling above my bed frame or as soon as a giant wasp chases me away from my mailbox I'll start to bemoan the arrival of spring, but for now I want to hold onto this feeling and enjoy the change in the seasons. There is just something so beautiful and refreshing about the start of spring that I don't think I ever really appreciated until I got really sick last winter. Now I'm not taking it for granted, and I'm fully enjoying this annual renewal of life and beauty and sunshine.

dress - vintage | collar - amazon
shoes - karmaloop | belt - old