Saturday, February 2, 2019

my top five: things that are making me happy

This year I've been trying to be more deliberate in how I spend my time (ie. not wasting away hours scrolling through twitter or pinterest.) I've been focusing on things that always make me happy, and trying to do, well, more of that. It's really been brightening my mood considerably -- as long as I am doing one of my happy activities, I'm usually good.

First up is reading. I LOVE reading but in 2017 and 2018 I really didn't devote that much time to it. I always have a deep regret when I look at my goodreads account at the end of a year and see that I barely finished any of the books I started (I have a terrible habit of starting a book, getting halfway through, and then starting another book.) So far this year I've read 10 books and I'll be so disappointed in myself if I end up slipping as the year goes on. I enjoy reading so much, I just need to be deliberate about how I spend my time to make sure I work it into my day.

Arrietty!! She really should have been first but blogger uploaded the photos in this order and I don't feel like changing it (so lazy omg.) Literally nothing in this entire world makes me happier than this cat. She is the absolute sweetest creature, so adorable, so affectionate, and so silly. I have very few humans in my life that love me (or even like me, lol) but this sweet sweet darling loves me *almost* as much as I love her, and I feel so incredibly grateful for her every day.

Third is cooking! Ever since I started eating healthy back in September I've been enjoying cooking so much more than I used to. Most days I stick with a variation on the same meal (zucchini noodles, tomatoes, broccoli or asparagus, and chick peas.) but a few times each week I'll try a brand new recipe. I listen to podcasts or audiobooks while I cook, and just let myself totally enjoy the experience of cooking dinner. And when I'm done, I eat at the table instead of in front of the tv or computer.

A few recipes I've tried recently that I am head-over-heels in love with -- carrot cake baked oatmeal (I am avoiding eggs, so I subbed in 1 tbsp. chia seeds and 1/3 c. water),  kale and wild rice bowl (I used a quinoa/wild rice combo, and skipped the feta cheese), and butternut squash kale salad with chickpeas and cranberries (I made this into more of a hot meal by combining everything in a skillet, and I used frozen butternut squash noodles!)

Movies! I have to admit I did not do great with my movie intake in January, but last week I made it a goal to watch one movie every night. I recently got this floor cushion (it reminds me of a Winnie The Pooh-printed one that me and my brother used to have when we were little!) and I've been laying it on the floor in front of my computer, filling up a bowl of popcorn, and enjoying a nice relaxing end to the day. My favorite new-to-me movie that I watched so far this year was Zodiac. This movie is 157 minutes long (!!!) but it felt like 90. It was so gripping and well-made that the 2+ hour running time zipped right by.

Lastly, Disney World! Me and my mom are going to be there April 10-16 and it's time to start planning! We can book fast passes and restaurant reservations starting next week! It's been two years since I was in Disney World so I'm incredibly excited to be going back. I loved Disneyland and Disneyland Paris but Disney World is my favorite, where I feel the most at home. Whenever my brain starts drifting into unhappy territory, I just start thinking about dole whip and the small world ride, the Paris pavilion at Epcot, my favorite broccoli slaw sandwich in Liberty Square, the smell of popcorn wafting through the air, the song It's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow from the carousel of progress. Only two months to go!