Thursday, February 14, 2019

can't you hear my heartbeat

This dress is one of the first things I've purchased for my upcoming trip to France this summer! It struck me as such a summery dress that I was actually surprised when I put on this outfit and realized it worked. It's always exciting when I realize a piece is going to be a lot more versatile than I originally imagined!

I hope everyone has fun plans for Valentine's Day! I had a Rainforest Cafe gift card so I went out with my family for a pre-Valentine's Day dinner last night. And today I'm probably just going to watch some movies and hang out with my valentine (my cat, of course!) I might also treat myself to some take-out and chocolate. My favorite candy right now is Theo sea salt dark chocolate. It's so, so good but definitely healthier than eating a Snickers, lol!

dress - asos | tights - amazon | shoes - aldo
purse - forever 21 (old)