Monday, August 13, 2018


Sometimes a dress is so perfect on its own that I almost can't bear to layer on cardigans or anything. For this one, I just swapped out the waist-tie for a black belt to tie in the ribbon detail with my black shoes. And voila - an outfit that seems like it required waaaay more thought than it actually did, lol ;)

I actually like this dress so much that I incorporated it into a painting that I did last week! I made a very hasty last-minute decision to exhibit at the Washington Square Outdoor Art show next month, without having too much work to show, eek! So I've been painting up a storm trying to get ready! I fully intend to sell zero paintings... I'm doing this more as a way to push myself to paint more and work on improving my style. It can be frustrating some days, because I'm so out of practice, but so far I've finished five paintings for the show and that's honestly more than I've finished in the last few years put together! So it feels good to be painting and producing new work, even if I still feel kind of rusty doing it :)