Friday, August 31, 2018

pink all over

Well, my bus trip was QUITE an adventure! We had such a bad experience with Greyhound that we got off the bus early, in Ohio, and rented a car to drive the rest of the way to Wyoming. Then we got a bus to Denver and flew home from there. Once we got off the bus, despite all the financial setbacks that came with rearranging our transportation, we did have a really good time. I LOVED Denver. I would 100% move there if I could afford it (I actually looked up apartments and it costs the same for a 1 bedroom in Denver as it does for a 2 bedroom in my why-would-you-even-want-to-live-here New Jersey suburb! I still can't afford either of them, lol, but I thought that was interesting!) And Cheyenne was so nice, too! We were there the longest since that's where my brother had his job interview, and I loved the weather. It was so windy I had to change from a Very Cute Dress into my travel leggings but I honestly loved it. It was such a different breeze from NJ, it was so soft and it almost felt like I was swimming in air!

Well, I better go -- I have to finish getting ready for my art show! I'm still trying to finish some paintings and then I have to pack up the car and (the most stressful part) pick out what I'll wear! lol!

dress - asos | shirt - old | shoes - bait footwear