Tuesday, August 7, 2018

potato sack

Long time no see! I'm finally feeling like taking outfit photos again, even though I'm still not actually feeling 100% better. I'm just having some residual health issues from my infection last winter and while it's waaaaaay more manageable than when I was really sick, I've still spent most days in comfy clothes looking not quite photogenic.

Part of my issue is that I feel like I look kind of bloated some days, since my particular health issues are of the GI variety. Some days are better than others and I'll be fine with wearing a cinched belted dress, but other days I just want to wear a giant potato sack. I was getting fed up with feeling self conscious so while I was sick I bought myself a handful of smock dresses to wear on my bad days. I still tried to make it "me" with a cardigan and pastel necklace, but the shape of the dress helps me feel less insecure when I'm running errands. Also, honestly, it's actually way more comfortable than pajamas or sweatpants. It feels like I'm just wearing a giant t-shirt, it's SO comfy!

How you look seems like it should be the last thing to care about when you're sick, but for me it can make a huge difference to look in the mirror and see *ME* when I'm feeling so unlike myself inside. And even on pajama days, I still try to put on eyeliner every morning. Especially when your illness involves a lot of bathroom visits, every glance at your reflection can really affect your morale, lol!

cardigan - old navy | necklace - amazon