Sunday, April 14, 2013

when there's a smile in your heart

I know this pretty much looks like a regular outfit I'd wear normally but I swear it was inspired by Tinkerbell lol. The white bow and the lace jacket reminded me a little of her wings, and this green was the closest I could get to her dress color (I always thought I had too many green dresses but once you take out all the mint ones there isn't much left, ha!)

I'm typing this post from my hotel room in Disney World! I was able to schedule Wendesday-Saturday from the plane but then we landed and I didn't get to finish up the rest of the posts until this morning :) I'm having such a nice time. We're really taking it easy and not rushing around the parks like we're usually inclined to do when vacationing here. And I'm eating so much food. SO much. When I get back I might need to write a post just about the food :)

Oh and yesterday I sat down near the pool and wrote out all of my postcards for my sweet and lovely orders, and then dropped them in the mailbox at the Magic Kingdom! So they're on their way!! I think there are still 9 coupon code uses left if anyone wants a postcard :) Details are in this post.

dress- h&m | lace jacket - vintage | shoes - c/o bait footwear