Tuesday, April 16, 2013

tale as old as time

I saved my number one Disney princess for last -- Belle! It's actually one of my least favorite outfits that I put together, but maybe I just felt too much pressure trying to recreate my favorite and my brain couldn't handle it (at least that's the excuse I'm going to use.)

I can't believe tomorrow I'll be back home, back to the regular grind. This vacation was over much too quickly, but I'm looking forward to seeing my kitties again. I'm still having a really rough time missing Hypatia like crazy but my trip definitely helped lift my spirits a bit and reminded me that there are some things in life I can still enjoy and look forward to when everything else seems bleak. I love that Disney has that effect on me... I know some people outgrow its magic but I'm glad that it still cheers me up and comforts me so much when I'm blue :)

shirt - vintage | skirt - forever 21 | shoes - modcloth | belt - vintage