Friday, April 26, 2013

friday favorites

This might just be the best embroidery ever.

Emerging Thoughts is offering 20% off storewide with code "KATE" They have so many adorable dresses (like these two by Dear Creatures!) and I'm super excited to say they're also the first Sweet and Lovely stockist! You can find my handmade lip earrings here :)

Buzzfeed has a list of the top 100 forgotten heartthrobs of the 80's and 90s, and if you grew up during that time it's definitely worth taking a peek. I had totally forgotten about #16 even though I was obsessed with First Kid for a while in Elementary School. Can I petition to have Rider Strong and Erik Von Detten removed from the list, though? Heartthrobs of the 80's or 90's? yes... but forgotten? heck no! ;)

I'm a sucker for a novelty print dress, and I don't think I've ever seen one with giraffes before! How cool is that?! Available here.

I tried rose lemonade while I was in Disney World and it was surprisingly quite good! The only other flavor I ever had before was strawberry (which I love!) so now I'm really interested in trying all kinds of lemonade flavors. This recipe for rosemary lemonade sounds especially delicious!

I love the colors on these dresses from modcloth so much! The left one has me thinking about adding contrasting buttons to some otherwise plain dresses. I always seem to forget that there are some really simple ways (like changing buttons) to make old clothes look more snazzy. The dress on the right is already in my possession (no matter how hard I try to save my money, a dress that looks like this will make my willpower fold in a heartbeat!) and it's just as pretty in person. It's definitely going to be a springtime staple :)

I love love love this bedroom that Julie featured on her blog. My favorite part is how the carpet looks like grass! How neat would it be to make a whole room that looks like it's outdoors?!

Urban Outfitters has Lisa Frank shirts. Life = made.

I love *everything* in this etsy shop so much! They have a series of limited edition silkscreened drawings that come in sets with names like "Hoodlums," "Drifters," "Hooligans" and "Outcasts." I want every set!

Another buzzfeed find.. (I just discovered this site recently -- I know, I'm not the best internet person -- and I'm so hooked!) This article includes 25 optical illusions and I swear some of them are mind-blowing! My favorites are #11 (it really works!) and #7 (pictured). I actually traced the circles with my finger on the monitor because I was positive it had to be a spiral!

These DIY yarn ball ice cream cones are so adorable! I'd love to make some to hang around my bedroom!

I love absolutely everything that Kerry posts on Yours Truly (fangirl alert!) but the pictures from this post are just knock-your-socks-off amazing. They remind me of the British new wave movies from the 60's that I love so much.