Thursday, May 24, 2012

what my walls are wearing

I get a lot of comments and questions about this wall that serves as a backdrop in 99.99% of my outfit photos. So I thought I'd share a little bit about what's on it today! The color is Frosty (I can't remember what brand now, but this is the paint swatch for it) although I think it looks just a tad more blue in real life than it does in my pictures. Now here's where I got everything that's on it...

1. Striped painting with two girls by Valerie Pensworth. Her etsy shop is closed now and I can't find another place where she's selling her prints, but she's one of my favorites!

2. Girl with a prism shooting out of her eye by Dada Dreams. I have a couple pieces from her.. I absolutely love her bizarre quirky creations!

3. Two portraits by Elizabeth Bauman. The blue one is a commissioned painting of my Grandmom Eve! Elizabeth sells prints and originals on etsy, and I highly recommend her work! She's also an incredibly sweet person :)

4. "Home is where my cats are" embroidery by me

5. Dirk Bogarde portrait from Immortal Ephermera on ebay. If you ever are in the market for classic film memorabilia I highly recommend Cliff! He's a classic film expert and super nice guy!

6. Jane Fonda collage from catwalk on etsy. I have a few more collages by her, too! I'm really smitten with this one that's in her shop now.

7. Floating head on purple watercolor by Amanda Blake. I love Amanda's work and I'm thrilled to have an original painting from her. I also have a gocco print in my office (not pictured in this post) of a girl holding a levitating egg.

8. Everything Will Be Okay screenprint by AJB + MTK on etsy. They don't have this in their shop right now, but someone on flickr asked me where I got it & wrote me back later to say they were able to special order one.

I'm in love with this apple pie print I got from Everyday is a Holiday! It's perfection. (And the fact that it makes me think of cozy fall nights with hot cocoa and my mom's apple pie definitely doesn't hurt!)

1. I got this French cat print at a little poster store in New Hope, PA but it's also available online. I found a 24x36 one on amazon here, but basically if you search for "Le Chat Domestique" you can find a bunch of them!

2. "You never know what's around the next corner" print by Heidi Burton. I LOVE Heidi's work -- it always cheers me up! Her shop is currently on vacation but you can view a close-up of this print here.

3. Another Heidi Burton print! This one says "Let your inner child out of its box sometimes to help with those important decisions" with word bubbles reading "Let's wear pajamas to the bank! And speak with Russian accents!" It's adorable! You can view the close-up of this one here.

1. Anna Karina painting by me. You can get prints in my society6 shop if you're so inclined ;) (ps. I also have prints of that portrait I posted two weeks ago here.)

2. Dress pattern painting. It's just a painting I did of some of the patterns on my favorite dresses. That's also available as a print in my shop, here.

3. Another painting by Elizabeth Bauman. This one is also very special, it's a commissioned piece of my grandmom and mom on Easter when my mom was a toddler! My grandmom and my mom both have prints of this one and I have the original :)

1. Only my cat understands me air freshener from Perpetual Kid. I love the look on the cats' face.. it's like "SAVE ME!!"

2. "Make art" mantra collage by Catwalk on etsy

3. Watercolor painting of the Dunder Mifflin Office building by Pam Halpert (ok, technically it's from the NBC store lol... it came in this kit)

4. Giulietta Masina collage from Catwalk on etsy (told you I liked her stuff!)

5. Eureka sheriff's patch from The NBC store.

1. This office cat is something I just printed from home. I couldn't find the original source online (I saw it on pinterest) and the highest quality images I could find were like 500px wide, so I just printed it in super bad quality then touched up the edges with pencil. It looks pretty cool though, regardless of the pitiful resolution since I fooled around with it once it was printed. If anyone knows the original source though I'd really like an authentic print!

2. Dwight bobblehead from The NBC store

3. All of the tulips are from Michaels. Maybe a DIY project though? hmm..

1. Print of an oil painting by Vivienne Strauss. Vivienne works in watercolor, oil and collage and I love ALL of it. This particular painting is one of my all time favorites!

2. Sunday in New York lobby card. I can't find another one of this exact card on its own, but it's available in a set from here. (Although please don't buy it, I might want to myself, haha! It's my favorite movie ♥)

3. Girl with the pink beehive that's actually a cat by Carol Roque. Was this made for me or WHAT?! I'm in love with it!