Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My top four favorite: things about being sick

Being sick stinks. I'm not fantastic at handling the discomfort, so I get all whiny and dramatic and generally drive my family crazy. So as I was sitting here wallowing in my stuffy-nosed misery, I decided I'd try to look on the bright side and come up with my top five favorite things about being sick. I could only come up with four, but considering how generally terrible the whole illness experience is, I think four is kind of a lot ;p

1. Watching my favorite movies from my childhood. It seems like The Brave Little Toaster and The Land Before Time only make an appearance when my temperature is hovering around 100'. They bring back happy memories and remind me of the days when being sick meant getting to stay home from school. Aka, the days when I was happy to get sick.

2. Sick comfort food. I don't think I have ever had Lipton noodle soup unless I was huddled under the covers on the couch sipping Juicy Juice and Nyquil. The funny thing is I LOVE this soup, but I only eat it when I'm under the weather.

3. Not giving a darn what I look like, and wearing my most comfy pajamas. Not only is it kind of nice to forgo the makeup for a couple days and give the tights and belts a rest, but it makes getting dressed again when I'm feeling back to normal that much more fun! I think I feel my most healthy, pretty and happy after I've just gotten over a nagging cold. There's nothing like going from a deathly pallor and sweatpants to eyeliner and posh frocks to make me feel spiffy!

4. Random bursts of fever-induced creativity. You know how your best ideas usually come when you're in the shower or JUST getting ready to fall asleep? Mine also appear whenever I'm in a sick stupor. For some reason, nothing does more for my muse than a stuffy nose and a wheezing cough!