Thursday, May 17, 2012

buzz buzz buzz

dress - modcloth
collar - luminia
cardigan & yellow belt - f21
black belt - old navy
shoes - urbanog

I find it funny that I almost always feel inclined to pair black and white with yellow considering these two facts -- I am deathly afraid of bees, and I spent four miserable years of high school at a place where the school mascot was a hornet.

Anyway! My little brother is turning 18 years old today! It's weird that I can remember the day he was born, when he was a tiny wrinkly little human, and now he's all grown up! About a foot taller than me, about to graduate from college (he went early) and driving on his own. It's surreal! On his 13th birthday we volunteered at the animal shelter, and that's the day I met Hypatia! I didn't actually bring her home until the 19th so I consider that her official anniversary and I'll do a special fifth anniversary post for her on Saturday! :)