Monday, May 7, 2012

a photo an hour

At the end of April I took pictures for my first photo-an-hour post... here they are!

10am: the view when I open my eyes every morning ♥

11am: packing some flapper doodle orders!

12pm: Communiversity street fair in Princeton! I used to exhibit my art here, but the last 2 years I've just gone as a visitor and I've enjoyed it so much!

1pm: Kyle thought it would be fun to take a picture of my tiger ring (c/o modcloth) in front of the Princeton Tigers at Nassau Hall! (ps. I dyed the tips of my hair pink... I think it looks really cool in the milkmaid braids!)

2pm: Goofing around while taking outfit pictures! I'll post the outfit tomorrow :)

3pm: Lunch at Zorba's Grill. Not the best photo, but it was so yummy! I got hummus with pita bread, and spanakopita.

4pm: Wandering around Princeton. This is the window to a landmark Princeton restaurant that recently closed :( When you peek inside the windows you can see they gutted the whole building, only the facade is still standing.

5pm: Buying some used books at the Princeton library (I also picked some up for The Book Fair that I'll be listing later today!)

6pm: Sitting/standing around eating ice cream from The Bent Spoon

7pm: I came home to find some goodies waiting for me on the porch! yay!

8pm: I spent way too much time playing dress up with said goodies...

9pm: We were all too lazy to cook so my dad went out and got Panera for dinner. I could live on their tomato soup! My local restaurant is opening a drive-thru, so now that I won't have to physically go in the store I really might be living on it soon.

10pm: X-Files time!

11pm: Back to bed to read for a little bit and relax with my kitties before getting some shut-eye :)