Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Oh, hello there, favorite outfit of 2016.

I've had this outfit planned for a couple months, ever since I saw Romy Schneider wearing something similar in the movie "Qui?" I actually bought the turtleneck and the layered necklaces specifically so I could recreate the outfit, I was that smitten. The movie itself isn't that great, but Romy's outfits more than make up for the weak plot and her co-star is Maurice Ronet, an actor I would watch in literally anything.

I took this picture last week (along with one more outfit that I'll post soon) and then I got my hair cut on Saturday. And it came out HORRIBLE. I was actually incredibly happy with my hair for like the first time in my whole life, went in for a trim, and ended up with a super short cut. At least it's acceptable to wear a hat every day in February and March? *sobs*

shirt - amazon | skirt - asos | boots - bait footwear | purple rug - amazon