Sunday, February 28, 2016

cutie pi

Guess who is designing her own dresses now!?! THIS GIRL!

As of today it's official - dresses are available in my shop, right here. I decided to start out with a design that I've wanted in my closet for years, but could never find anywhere else: a pi dress! So this features an all-over pi print designed by yours truly. And I'm clearly over-the-moon excited about it :D If you're interested, you can read a lot more about the dresses, production, size charts, etc. right here.

Now, I know that very few people share my obsession with pi, so this dress isn't probably going to go over very well, but I'm totally okay with that. I wanted my first dress to be something me-ish, something that I couldn't find anywhere else, something unique. I'll be adding more designs soon, so if this particular one doesn't float your boat just keep an eye out, because I'll be doing outfit posts each time I design a new dress. (Side-note, though, if you *are* interested in having this dress for Pi Day, order soon because they are made to order!)

Also, unrelated to the dress, I think I figured out my hair conundrum. If I let my hair air dry and keep my natural waves, I'm actually kind of okay with this haircut. It was looking particularly unruly the other day and my mom said I looked like Debbie Harry, which was pretty much all I needed to hear to finally accept (and maybe love) this hairdo, haha.

shoes - bait footwear | shirt - h&m I think? | belt - asos
purple rug - amazon