Sunday, February 21, 2016


Someone once told me that other people don't usually notice all of your flaws, so you shouldn't point them out. But. I'm still grieving my old haircut, I honestly should be wearing black mourning clothes, I miss it so much. I can't wait for this cut to grow out. It's just such an awkward length, if I don't tuck it behind my ears it looks kind of puffy and messy but if I DO tuck it behind my ears I just feel like I look way older than I want to, like I should be settled down in the suburbs with a minivan (not that there's anything wrong with that, obviously, it's just not my vibe.)
I've touched on this a little a few times lately, but I'm also really struggling with my personal style. It's definitely a small problem in the big scheme of things, but it's ... weird. It's actually an unsettling feeling. I look through my closet and so many pieces feel like they were purchased by somebody else. I guess it's kind of a mini-identity crisis. I'm not entirely sure what DOES feel me-ish at the moment, so I'm still wearing things I used to love and just feeling off-kilter in them. It definitely doesn't help that my hair is throwing off my whole appearance whenever I look in the mirror.

"After all, your hair is your head suit." - Jack Donaghy

In related news, I'm planning another shop my closet sale on instagram soon. Probably in the next week or so, if I can just get a good sunny day to shoot photos. I'm going to do one sale that's entirely coats (it's beyond embarrassing that I have enough coats to do a coat-only sale, but it is what it is) and one that's all dresses. I'll definitely let you know when I have a set date/time for the sales.

dress - asos | shirt - vintage | shoes - bait footwear
purple rug - amazon