Wednesday, February 10, 2016

one true love

Here's my obligatory Valentine's Day post, dedicated to my one true love - movies. I've got my popcorn print dress and movie brooch and a generous helping of red (and pink, I guess, because hair.)

I've watched a lot of movies so far this year that are already breaking into my favorites. If you love movies, Day for Night is, in my opinion, basically the best tribute to film ever. I've wanted to see it for years but I was putting it off, and it was definitely worth the wait. When you like movies (or music, for that matter) from the past, there's a finite amount. Sure, it's physically impossible for me to watch every single movie in my lifetime, but the truly amazing masterpieces are harder to come by after you've been watching classic movies for a decade or more. So there's a small handful that I put aside, sort of like a movie savings account. (Of course, the flip side of this is Billy Crystal's argument in When Harry Met Sally, that he reads the end of a book first just so he'll know what happens in case he dies before he reaches the end. Saving movies for later could obviously be a bad idea if for some reason I never get the chance to see them.)


dress - retrolicious | sweater - trashy diva | brooch - my shop
shoes - bait footwear | collared shirt - forever 21
purple rug - amazon