Saturday, February 13, 2016

la piscine

A couple things --

First of all, last Saturday I had the IMMENSE pleasure of going to see La Piscine at Lincoln Center. It was one of my favorite movie-going experiences of all time. The screen was massive, like way bigger than I was expecting (it was my first time seeing anything at this theater), and the audience really got into the movie. It's one of those films that is certainly not a comedy, but it has a lot of very subtle humor in it and I loved that everyone around me was *getting it.* There's a very unexpected plot twist about 2/3 of the way in, and it was so fun to be surrounded by people who clearly hadn't seen the movie before, gasping in disbelief. It also takes place in summer, the kind of film where you can almost hear the sun sizzling, which was a very welcome respite from our chilly east coast winter. And it goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway -- seeing Alain Delon's face on the big screen is never a bad idea.

Speaking of Alain Delon's face, it's on my shirt. I wore this to see another of his films, Purple Noon, in December, but it was even more fitting for this outing since the photo is actually from La Piscine. T-shirts are always very long on me, since I'm only 5' tall. I generally wear a kid's XL if that's an option, but it usually isn't (a heads up, though, if you have the same issue - most Teefury shirts also come in kid's sizes, something I appreciate tremendously!) so I've started hemming most of my t-shirts. I'm using this tutorial from youtube which is super easy and lets you keep the factory hem in place. I actually own a lot of t-shirts, but until now they've mostly been relegated to my pajama drawer. It's nice to finally start wearing them now that they actually fit! :)

Lastly, I just want to talk about these boots for a second. They are, hands down, my favorite shoes of all time. It's actually difficult to *not* wear them every day. I might buy a second pair as a backup in case these ever fail me. I've worn them to New York on multiple occasions and they stand up very well on days with lots of walking (my fitbit reports that they saw me through 18,000+ steps last Saturday!) This isn't sponsored in any way, I am just the biggest BAIT fan, and I am so thrilled with this design. They make me feel cool when I wear them, something that doesn't come naturally to me, haha! ;D

dress - f21 | shirt - maison bardot | shoes - bait | sweater - f21
purple rug - amazon