Tuesday, June 24, 2014

zing and peplum

If you got the title reference, I love you.

You know, in general I like fall and winter much more than spring and summer but I realized yesterday that my brain seems to really like spring. A lot. I was looking back through my archives and almost all of my favorite outfits are from June/July each year. I come up with more new artwork and products, my mind is racing with ideas for projects and I even seem to be better at staying on top of things (except email, of course. even in spring my brain still loathes email.)

Case in point -- tomorrow I am launching a SUPER exciting new project (seriously, I'm so excited I COULD BURST! I don't even know how I'll wait until tomorrow) I started working on my 2015 calendar illustrations, I'm working on my first two (two!) e-books and I just finished a new blog layout for Sammi from The Soubrette Brunette. And, I kind of love every single outfit I've posted this month.

I wish I could figure out what exactly makes my brain work better this time of year. Is it the bugs? The humidity? Maybe my brain runs more smoothly when my body is riddled with histamines. Whatever it is, I'm taking advantage of the creativity and productivity boost while I can :)

blouse - uo | skirt - c/o chicwish | shoes - bait footwear | belt - from another dress