Wednesday, June 11, 2014

peachy keen

I've been saying this a lot lately but this is one of my absolute favorite outfits. It just feels so spring-y! I love the peachy orange and light blue color combination and all the little details - the heart pocket on the skirt, the double petal collar on the blouse and my daisy collar chain. The skirt was handmade by Mallory, from her new shop, and I can't even tell you how beautiful & well-constructed it is. And you order it by selecting your waist size, not a S-M-L kind of thing that can be totally hit or miss, so it fits like a glove! I'm super happy with it & I really hope her shop is a runaway success! :D

This afternoon me and my mom are off to see Maleficent and I'm pretty excited about it. With the exception of the TCM Film Festival (oops, I still need to finish those posts!!) I haven't been to the movies since Frozen left theaters. There are actually a bunch of movies that I'm interested in seeing at the moment though, so hopefully I'll be making regular visits to the multiplex this summer!

cardigan - forever 21 | collar clips - handmade