Thursday, June 19, 2014

pink lobster

Last outfit for the week! It's funny, I feel so weird about posting four in a row but when I started blogging regularly in 2011 I think I used to post one every single weekday. I also did non-outfit posts every weekday night, too.. I really blogged A LOT.

I had a lot of fun shooting this one, for some reason. Maybe it's just because it's a happy outfit (with all the pink and the collar it's impossible to feel anything but bubbly, lol!) but I had a lot of fun goofing off in my photos. Of course I still picked a kind of regular one for this post, but I shared some of the outtakes on my instagram, here.

Today I'm spending the day in New York with Nicole, we're going to see Dr. Zhivago on the big screen! I am SO excited I really just can't even deal with it. Dr. Zhivago is one of my favorite movies and I've been hoping & wishing that it would be re-released for its 50th anniversary next year. Turns out The Film Forum scheduled it for Alec Guinness' 100th birthday, so I don't even need to wait until next year :D Of course, if it's still re-released I'll probably go see it 20 times anyway, ha!

dress- c/o modcloth (and it's on sale now!) | cardigan - forever 21
collar - romwe | belt - forever 21 | shoes - bait footwear