Wednesday, June 4, 2014

my daily fancy

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Fancy Feast asking if I'd be interested in doing a cat-themed outfit post to help promote their new blog, Daily Fancies. Um, HECK YES.

I love that I actually had to narrow down which cat dress, which cat shoes and which cat cardigan to wear for this post. I'm not only a crazy cat lady, I'm a crazy cat clothing lady, too! This actually reminds me that I've wanted to do a post featuring my collection of cat clothes & accessories for ages now, and it's high time I finally did it. It's probably my favorite thing to collect (fashion-wise) and I'm surprisingly picky about which pieces I buy. The ones in this outfit definitely top my favorites.

So, what is a daily fancy? Anything that you look forward to each day (especially cat-related!) Mine would probably be the hour or so right before I fall asleep & when I wake up. As soon as I'm tucked in bed, both cats hop up and get cozy with me while I read and watch tv. They leave and play and eat at night but they're always fast asleep beside me when I wake up again in the morning.

Hubble is the definition of a finicky cat. He likes dry cat food and basically nothing else, not even treats! I think his daily fancy would be sitting on my lap while I work at night and cuddling with me right before bed. He's such an affectionate kitty! Arrietty is the little food connoisseur of the family. This girl loves to eat. If I put a can of food in front of her she eats the entire thing in one sitting so I need to ration how much she gets or else she'll turn into a GIANT food connoisseur, ha! Her favorite seems to be the Fancy Feast gravy lovers chicken & gravy. Chloe likes that one, too (she's a gravy lover if ever there was one!)

Writing about my kitties' favorite things, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention how much my little Hypatia absolutely LOVED Friskies turkey and cheese. She didn't eat very much because of her gingivitis but oh, how she would meow for turkey and cheese! I smile every time I see it at the grocery store now :)

^Look at those little paws. I DIE! You can read about other cat lovers' daily fancies (and submit your own!) on the Fancy Feast blog, Daily Fancies.

belt - f21 | cat lady necklace - c/o i love crafty | I love cats pin - modcloth