Tuesday, June 10, 2014

apartment tour part 3: my hallway

I told you I'd eventually finish my apartment tour ;) I think the only room left after this is my workspace. I like my new room so much more than my apartment, but I want to finish up the tour anyway, just to document what everything looked like. I love that my blog sort of serves as a record of my life (at least the last four years of my life, anyway) and I can always go back and peek at my archives whenever the mood strikes.

Also, I'm so sorry for the quality of the pictures in this post. The hallway in my apartment was SO dark, it's not even funny. It basically had zero natural light whatsoever, so I not-so-affectionately referred to it as the black hole. It was practically impossible to take good pictures, but in person it was actually pretty cute. I absolutely LOVED that as soon as you turned the corner to go down the hallway you were greeted by my enormous painting of Dwight Schrute. I originally painted him for the dining room but he fit so much better in the hallway.

The apartment came with a linen closet, but seeing as I have way more books than towels I decided to temporarily take the door off and turn it into a bookcase. I tried color-coding my books for the first time and I love it so much! I have a very photographic memory so this actually helps me to find my books easier. I'm always like "well, I know it has a red spine and yellow lettering!" etc. so this helped loads. I organized my books the same way when I moved back home, too :) I guess technically alphabetical order would be even more functional but it wouldn't be half as pretty..

The Read More Books sign was something I just drew to fill the space above the door. And to remind me to lay off the Netflix once in a while ;)

I love this little bookend guy! I haven't found a place for him in my new room yet but he definitely needs to find a home. I got him on amazon, here.

At the end of the hallway I had a little table with my cat book collection (I did a post on it here) and the letter that we received in the mail thanking us after my family adopted Hypatia. And of course, the Dwight painting :)

Sadness -- I actually don't have any place for him in my new room. Right now I just have him propped up against my desk but he really belongs somewhere where he can be the center of attention (like this hallway!) If you're interested in the painting (or prints!) I listed him in my etsy shop here.

The Hypatia dress that I designed last year had a place of honor next to my Hypatia art grouping. I blogged about the idea for the art grouping last year, as a way to grieve & honor a lost loved one's memory. You can read the post here.

My favorite addition to the grouping is the little beaded heart in the middle. My mom made it for me after Hypatia passed away last year, it spells out her name in morse code. It was such a sweet, thoughtful gift. I actually have more pieces to add, too. A few incredibly sweet readers sent me artwork via email that I still need to print and frame, and I also recently got a beautiful portrait from Danielle, as well. I had much more room for the art in the hallway than I do now, but I'll find a way to add them. No such thing as too much art on the walls, that's my motto! ;)

Well, that's it for the (dark, dark) hallway! I'll get the workspace tour out of the way soon so I can move onto the tours that I'm really itching to do -- my new room and my new workspace!! It still needs some finishing touches, like new blinds and a new light fixture, but it's already definitely home :)