Thursday, April 10, 2014

the walk of fame

I'm in California!! Yesterday we went to the Chinese Theater where all the hand prints are and it was just absolutely surreal. I got to see Frank Sinatra's hand prints (ahhh!) I just kept geeking out over every name I saw. Barbara Stanwyck! Fred Astaire! Hayley Mills! Gary Cooper! Be still my heart!

I'm having such a fun time with my friends. The five of us have been friends since 2009 when we met through our classic film blogs. I've met two already before (hi Sarah and Nicola!) but this is the first time all five of us are hanging out together and it's just SO MUCH FUN! I'm so sad that the trip is only a few days, I want to spend more time with them! I also think I need to come back here with my family at some point, I just keep running into things that my parents & my brother would flip out over. I sent Kyle a picture of Tim McGraw's star on the walk of fame yesterday and I'm pretty sure he has never been more jealous of me in his entire life lol ;)

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