Sunday, April 6, 2014

casual day

I've only had these sweatshirts for like one week and I've already been practically living in them. They're just so perfect for feeling dressed but still cozy and comfortable.

When I went home in this outfit my mom looked shocked and was like "you're wearing a form-fitting skirt?!?!" as if I had three heads or something. It's not even that fitted, just not super flared like almost everything else I own. I'm still not 100% sure if it was an insult, a compliment or just a statement of bewilderment and surprise, but I was pretty happy with the silhouette myself. When I went out to run errands in the ridiculously blustery weather it was nice to not have to worry about wind blowing my skirt up to my shoulders for once. (Sidenote: I'm pretty sure global warming is turning my area into a wind tunnel. Even in the summer it's like there are fans blowing at you from every direction)

Also, this is, hands down, my new favorite brooch. It's from Ladybird Likes and she has a ton of different variations that I love (like Disney and dinosaurs) although Jurassic Park is definitely my favorite. A close runner-up would be I like you nearly as much as television. She can make them custom too which is pretty dangerous (I'm thinking The X-Files, The Office, my cats, potatoes..)