Tuesday, April 29, 2014

apartment tour part 2: my bedroom!

My bedroom is probably my favorite room in my apartment (I know I said that about my kitchen too… it's probably a tie) It's definitely Hubble and Arrietty's favorite too -- they love cuddling up on my bed and lounging in my mountain of pillows. My new quilt is from Target. I know I'm going to get some eye-rolls but it's from the kid's section. I know. But I'm seeing the fact that it came in Queen size as a sign that they knew adults would want to buy it too. My pink alarm clock is from amazon and my bed is IKEA (from like 10 years ago, and I painted it mint.)

My dresses didn't all fit in my closet so I picked out all of my lacy, cream and white dresses and put them on a rack in my room. I'm annoyingly absent-minded though and keep forgetting that I have these here when I get dressed...

I kind of ran out of artwork to hang up since my gallery wall in my studio used up most of the pieces I had brought from home, so I decided to just decorate with dresses! I have all of my prettiest vintage frocks hanging up in lieu of art, but aren't they art in and of themselves? They're beautiful!

The pink one with the big bow and bell sleeves is my all time favorite (close up a little later!) I think even if I did have enough art for my bedroom, this one would still be hanging up. It's a little like sleeping in a giant closet but, come on, that's actually kind of awesome! ;D

I have the makings of a little hat collection hanging on my wall, along with my not-so-little sunglasses collection. You might say I like to buy shades… eek! Also, my giant cat face tote is one of my favorite things ever. I got it on amazon here.

I LOVE this poster for one of my favorite Julie Christie movies, Petulia. It's just so perfect in my bedroom! It's surrounded by my faux-fur collars and my lady tie collection! I'm getting close to having one in every color -- it's one of my life goals, actually.

I keep my brooches on this cute little tiered tray that I got at Target a couple years ago (Their Valentine's Day section never fails to disappoint!) I love vintage enamel brooches -- I actually have a sweet & lovely project in the works that sort of incorporates them, I can't wait to share it when I'm finished! :)

More dresses on the wall (and a robe sitting on an incredibly awesome vintage hanger) My window looks so bright and sunny here but I don't get very good light during the day. I actually take most of my product photos back at home since they come out too dark at my apartment. I always make fun of people on House Hunters who go "oh, this space has simply marvelous natural light" but seriously, I wish I had considered that when I rented this place…

More dresses! Also, that robe on the door is my dream robe -- I must have searched for "pink vintage robe" on etsy and ebay every day for months before I found it and then… I never wore it. I love the idea of wearing a robe and walking around the house like some kind of 1960's screen goddess but when it comes time for PJs I'm only cozy in sweatshirts, t-shirts and flannels.. I can't help it!

I love love love love love how my room looks when my closet door is open. I have no idea why, it just looks so cool to me! Probably because I've actually never had a real closet until now. At home I had a shallow closet with sliding doors, which fell off their track when I was like eight. The idea of a real walk-in closet where I could actually STORE MY CLOTHES? I'm living the dream.

The amazing pink dress with big bow and bell sleeves. I can say for certain that I have known true love. *heart skips a beat* It's from Fancy That Vintage, my favorite vintage etsy shop!

I just realized I didn't get a good picture of this dresser -- oops! There's a slightly better one on my instagram here. I inherited it from my grandmother, and my dad let me paint it purple (he said he'd rather it stay in the family and be purple than get donated or collect dust in the garage and stay dark brown. Wise man, my dad!) My Grandmom Eve loved pastel colors, too, though so I think she'd approve :)

The shoes are from a vintage shopping trip a couple years ago -- my cousin found them and urged me to try them on even though they weren't my size. Low and behold, they fit like a glove. It was meant to be! :) I love the light pink color & little leaf cut-outs!

And a different angle on the dresses. There's only four walls, what can I say? :) I think last time I said my workspace tour was up next and then I posted this instead but really, my office tour will be next. Promise!

Also! I have a shop my closet update coming tomorrow, so stay tuned ;)